8 Great Years with Virgin Australia (vale VA)

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A quick reflection of 8+ amazing years flying Virgin Australia now that they have entered voluntary administration of VA (likely to be announced to the ASX on the morning of 21/4/20).

VA have been my primary airline for domestic and US trips for the last 8 years. I’ve maintained at least silver status for 98% of the time (gold and platinum for 83% of the time) - only dropping to “red” for 2 months since June 2012.

Why always flying Virgin? There has been no reason to change. Great staff, good lounges, a fantastic domestic business class service (that I apparently have been spoilt with vs Qantas), great ability to upgrade using points and the 777 in-flight bar has had many great conversations over the years.

So many memorable flights with Virgin Australia (and VirginBlue and VAustralia):

- First time guested into lounge, circa 2010, by a colleague (think this was when the Melbourne lounge had Foxtel on the screens?).
- Flying our first non-economy flight in 2012 with VAustralia to Abu Dhabi in Premium Economy (and onwards to Dublin where I got engaged to my amazing wife).
- Flights to Bali via the “free” business class flights bug for bookings from HBA-DPS which were honoured!
- Managing to snag myself and a mate an upgrade to business for a boys trip to Las Vegas (and a operational upgrade at that - for both of us!).
- Flying to the US and managing to sell my business to a US based company.
- Our little mans first (and many now) flights. He’s never been on another airline (well, excluding partner airline flights with Etihad and Delta).

My last flight with Virgin Australia was BNE-MEL on 15/1/20, where I managed to snag an upgrade to the pointy end on points (the flight was cancelled, so last flight was 16/1/20).

Let’s hope that out of the ashes of the voluntary administration, that an even better airline can emerge that can keep Qantas on it’s toes. Good luck to all staff at Virgin Australia.

Finishing up with an assortment of photos from the years flying VA.

The free flights to DPS in J glitch email  (25/1/2013)
VirginBlue.com.au branded plane and Virgin coffee at MEL Lounge (31/12/2013)
First ever business class trip (2-3-2 layout 777) - free upgrade for 2! (1/2/2014)
Virgin Australia Lounge Melbourne - back area (10 May 2014)
Business class on the A330 MEL-PER (23/9/2016)
Business class A3330 sparkling wine shot (23/9/2016)
Business class seat refurbished 777 MEL-LAX (10/3/2018)
Business class refurbished 777 sparking wine shot (10/3/2018)
In flight bar on 777 getting a workout (10/3/2018)
Family shot on way to NTL (1/11/2018)
Seat 1F SYD-MEL sparking wine (20/11/2018)
Virgin Australia 777 ready to fly BNE-LAX (22/2/2019)
The office onboard the 777 to LAX over the Pacific (22/2/2019)
777 bar drinks with an associate over the Pacific (22/2/2019)
The little boss man with mum on the 777 LAX-MEL (5/5/2019)
Ready to fly to LAX (20/6/2019)
The infamous bar heading home (24/6/2019)
777 engine (20/6/2019)
Oscar INFT inheriting dads status (2/8/2019)
Plane spotting at MEL Lounge (2/8/2019)
In air family shot MEL-CNS on-route to Port Douglas (3/10/2019)
My last shot at a Virgin Lounge or plane (BNE lounge after flight cancelled to MEL) - last VA flight taken next day (15/1/20)
This card never got used - another year of Platinum (31/3/2020)
The Status stats (20/4/20)