Doing stuff on the internet.

Hi, I’m Owen McCrink, a reformed mechanical engineer now working in software.

Over the years, I’ve built a few businesses, sold a few and bought a few, and still run a few.

I live in Melbourne, Australia, with a small family (wife and two boys).

My interests are SaaS, digital marketing, sci-fi, 90s/00s gaming, whilst trying to read a few books.

I like to think I can take photos, but they probably aren’t very good.

I split my days into the big hitters — the stuff that keeps the cashflow coming — and the side projects — the stuff done for fun.

The Big Hitters

Digital Basis

Digital Basis

A software agency building apps, making websites and executing on digital marketing.



A SaaS product for help trades & service based businesses streamline operations.

The Side Projects

Dee Bee Vee

Dee Bee Vee

Acquiring micro-SaaS businesses — like Paperplane and Pur Social — to grow and hold.

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